Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We aim to catalyze a movement of the gospel of Jesus Christ by being transformed ourselves by the gospel, and by seeking to transform our friends, neighbors, our culture and our world through the gospel.


Outward Facing Ministry
We believe that the church is not only for ourselves but also for our friends who do not yet believe. Therefore, all of our ministry will be outward-facing. That means that we will seek to create a church that we are excited to bring our friends to. That means that in all our ministries, we will treat newcomers with dignity and respect. That also means that we will avoid Christianized jargon and seek to communicate Christ and Him crucified in contemporary, understandable language.


The Transforming Power of the Gospel
We believe in the power of the gospel to transform individual lives, relationships, and communities. The gospel helps people understand that they are more wicked than they ever dared admit, but more loved in Christ than they ever dared hope. The gospel gives people a new identity in Christ which is free from pride, on the one hand, and despair, on the other hand. As gospel transformed people, we will be more humble and more hopeful than anyone else.


Gospel-driven Diversity
We believe that the gospel is for people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes. Therefore, as the gospel draws people to Christ, we expect to see an increasing diversity in our congregation.


Motivation by Grace
We believe that the Christian life is wholly a response to and overflow of God’s grace. Therefore our community life—everything we do and say to others—will be marked by grace. Teaching and challenge will always be rooted in the grace of the gospel.


We believe that the Christian life is best lived in community. When Christ calls us, he calls us to join a new community of people who gather together to celebrate their relationship to God and help each other grow in their relationship to God. This new community provides a glimpse of God’s coming kingdom by demonstrating the new values, lifestyles, and relationships that the gospel creates.


The Importance of the Word
We believe not only in the inspiration of Scripture, but also in the sufficiency of Scripture. That means that Scripture is not only truly God’s word, but it also helpfully speaks to all areas of our lives. Therefore, our ministry will be both Biblically based and culturally relevant. One will not be sacrificed for the other. In all areas of ministry, we will seek to counsel through the Word and be counseled through the Word both in times of formal teaching and informal conversation.


The Centrality of Worship
We believe that worship is central in the life of the believer. The most basic purpose of our lives is to glorify God because he has created us and redeemed us. Therefore, we will seek to bring glory and honor to God in all that we do. We will offer God the best of our energy and talents and pursue excellence in all areas of our ministry. Specifically we will seek to plan corporate worship experiences that encourage the use of the arts, bring glory to God and delight to his people.


Cultural Engagement & Renewal
We believe that the gospel has an impact on all areas of our culture: the arts, business, government, the media, the sciences, the academy, and so on. Therefore we will seek to engage our culture with the gospel and bring renewal to our communities, particularly in areas of justice and mercy. We will seek to equip people to be gospel agents of change in the marketplace, in the university, in their families, or wherever their profession takes them.

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