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Sunday Service

Sunday Service Guiding Principles

  • Monday thru Saturday are not rehearsals for ultimately providing acceptable worship to God on Sunday. Instead, Sunday Service is meant to reveal the combined worship that has been occurring among our members throughout the week.

  • Focus on Sunday Service is both vertical (worshiping God) and horizontal (edifying each other)

  • Sermon messages (topic and scripture passage) will be planned out 4 weeks in advance so that other elements can be better aligned

  • Be intentional with all elements of Sunday Service

  • Engage with visitors after the service

Elements of Service


The prelude is a time to get quiet in your soul to prepare yourself to meet God in worship. Open yourself to God and ask God to speak during worship as you prepare to give God glory.



Formal welcome to our Service (to welcome regular attenders and newcomers) and a reminder of:

  • Mission statement: Building Communities that Reveal Christ

  • Purpose of our Order of Service: God is Holy, We Need God, Jesus Saves, Jesus Sends Us

Call to Worship & Praise

Brief reading and invitation to enter into the presence of the Holy God.  We then sing two Praise Songs to worship and remember the Almighty wants to be in a relationship with us.

Scripture Reading 

To hear a Word from the Lord and to prepare us for the sermon, a sermon related Bible passage will be read.


Congregational Prayer

A long-standing tradition at NSCCC, a congregational leader praises God and brings the requests of the church before the Lord. 


Offering  is a the time when we give ourselves, all that we are and all that we have to God’s service. We make an offering of money to help others and promote the gospel. During the time of musical reflection (known as the offertory), we are also encouraged to think about ways we can give of ourselves in what we do everyday to help out with God’s will.


Additional praise song to worship and to help us prepare for the message.


The sermon is God’s eternal Word spoken to us in such a way that we might hear what God has to say to us (e.g. God is Holy, We Need Him, Jesus Saves) and be encouraged to follow the Lord in faith.



Additional praise song of response and reflection.

Additional Notes

  • The Elder Board has recently approved the separate Youth Service moving forward along with a few other conditions.  The key one impacting our Service will be having combined Communion with the Youth Service.  We will work with Pastor Rich and the Youth to plan for this.

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